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Each One Teach One Diablo Valley Literacy Council
EACH ONE TEACH ONE To teach English as a second language (ESL) to non-English speaking adults.


Winter 2002, VOL. 16 No. 4

President's Message
This is the time of the year we review the past year and set future goals for the Council. There are many factors that contribute to the success of this organization.

We know that the members of Diablo Valley Literacy Council are committed to the importance of the service we provide, expressed over and over again by tutors meeting weekly with their students, and by the enthusiasm of the tutors-in-training that we meet in our workshops. We have an outstanding group of 115 dedicated volunteers with an enrollment this year of at least 20 new tutors at each of our training workshops. As a group, we tutor 135 students, and we continue to match tutors to students on our waiting list. We should all take pride in our accomplishments.

The Board of Directors is dedicated to providing support to our tutors. The Inservice held in November was especially worthwhile. Rosemary Slavin, Coordinator of Mt. Diablo Adult Education’s Community-Based English Tutoring Program (CBET), along with ESL teacher, Marty Campbell, presented ideas and demonstrated lessons and projects used in their ESL classes. There were many positive comments on the value of this kind of enrichment opportunity. We encourage your attendance as we continue to offer interesting programs to assist you in your teaching.

The Holiday Luncheon was an even bigger success than in previous years. At least 85 tutors, students and their families enjoyed games, great food and interaction with each other. For many of these students, it is the first chance they have to meet other students who are taking advantage of our program and, like themselves, are working hard learning to speak English.

A sincere "thank you" to our volunteers and all the people in the community who support us. The Council will continue to strive to do our part in meeting the needs of the community family.

Congratulations on a year well spent and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!!

Lorraine Gosbey

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Tutor Tip Sheets Now Available in Our Library

We are always looking for new ideas and resources to supplement our Tutor Library. Thanks to several of our members who shared information they collected as teachers or at literacy conferences, we are starting a collection of handouts at the Library.

We think you will find this information helpful in working with your students. The handouts we are currently making available are:

  • The English Word Pyramid and Instant Words
    Both point out the most common words used in English, ranked by frequency.
  • How to Help Students Cope with Everyday Life
  • Lesson Planning for ESL Instruction
  • ESL Websites
  • 37 Ways to Use a Newspaper
    Tips for beginning students, like circling certain letters or words, and progress to advanced exercises, like reviewing grocery store ads, using the comics section to retell stories, and everything in between.
  • Reasons Why the English Language Is So Hard to Learn
    Words of encouragement for the student and the tutor.

The handouts will be in a file labeled "Tutor Tips" in the Library and are available for you to take and use, as you like.

If you run across any good ideas that you would like to share and add to our Library offerings, please contact the Librarian, Kris Torske, at (925) 283-2428 or e-mail

Anne Kumaranayagam

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Tutor-Student Coordinator Notes
As usual between workshops, our waiting list is increasing. We now have 74 students on the waiting list. We had a wonderful workshop of 21 new tutors, who have been matched with 27 students. That brings the total number of students being tutored to 135.

We need more tutors for students in East County and could use a few more students in Danville and San Ramon.

Out of the 74 waiting students, 59 are Spanish-speaking, and 23 were referred to us by Head Start. There are 10 matches pending.

Please let me know if you are ready for a new student.

Betty Goldstein

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Good Neighbor Bookstores

Diablo Valley Literacy would like to thank several local bookstores for handing out bookmarks advertising our upcoming workshops. DVLC bookmarks are being tucked into each purchase at:

  • Bonanza Street Books - Walnut Creek
  • Bonanza Street Books - Clayton
  • Borders Books - Pleasant Hill
  • Barnes & Noble - Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek
  • Barnes & Noble - Contra Costa Blvd., Pleasant Hill

Thank you to these businesses for being good neighbors and supporting adult ESL!

Anne Kumaranayagam

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Our Largest Holiday Luncheon Ever

Thanks to a great response from you tutors and your students, on December 7, 2002 we had our largest Holiday Luncheon ever. Over 83 tutors, students, and their children came, brought food, played games, and spread good cheer.

Once again, thanks go to Ed Chambers for rounding up poinsettias as table decorations and take-home prizes. And thanks to Long’s — Countrywood Shopping Center for donating the lovely pointsettias. Once again, thanks go to Barbara Wall for organizing the games and making up 40 goodie bags for the children to take home at the end of the party. And, once again, thanks to Chancey Henneman for providing the lovely greenery. Thanks to all who came early to help decorate, and to all who brought such delicious dishes.

But everyone agrees that this year, it’s the children who made the party fun by bringing their special energy. Here’s tutor Evelyn Hidy’s favorite conversation of the afternoon:

Little one: "Is Santa gonna be here?"
Evelyn, referring to Barbara’s goodie bags: "No, but we have something for you later."
Little one, eyes wide: "Oh, has he already been?"

Santa was there that afternoon, in everyone who came and spread the holiday spirit.

Anne Kumaranayagam

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Two for One

That’s what DVLC got when tutor Betty Chambers was Workshop Chairman and enlisted husband Ed’s assistance. Before he knew it, he became our Treasurer and soon after that became a tutor, too!

Their literacy partnership began when Betty’s work in public schools as a reading specialist generated her interest in the Laubach method. From tutoring, she went on to be Workshop Chairman, Librarian and Hospitality Chairman.

As for Ed, before becoming a volunteer, he worked literally around the world from the North Pole to the South Pole while in the Coast Guard and then became Harbor Master at the Martinez Marina. Since retiring, Betty and Ed keep so busy with volunteer work, hobbies and grandchildren (they have 7), that Ed says he wonders how he ever found time to work.

On behalf of your students and everyone at DVLC, thank you Betty and Ed for all the things you do.

Linda Belt

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