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These are websites that you, as the tutor, can use for information to help your student. If your student is comfortable accessing the Internet, these websites can be used by him or her for pronunciation practice and learning.
Student Self Study or Teacher Guided Self Study
Complete On line Lessons - Teaches Pronunciation and Listening Skills - One of the best web sites for learning English!
Visual and Audio Dictionary - Assists Vocabulary Acquisition, Pronunciation and Listening Skills - See the picture, See the spelling, Listen to the words being pronounced!

Survival English Reference

Pronunciation Reference (Remember the goal is for your student to understand and be understood. Accents are OK)

Interactive Pronunciation Guide
A watch and practice guide to Making American English Sounds
A very complete English pronunciation guide

General Reference
The ultimate answer search engine (In this web site’s search box, try entering something like “English plural”)
ESL resources Covering all aspects of ESL (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary etc.)
Make your own word search or crosswords & more
Geared for children learning to read - so it’s simple and has audio
Lots of free ESL resources